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We are here to help guide you through the memorial process and help you achieve the individual tribute to a loved one.

Cemeteries and churchyards often have different regulations as to the type of stone that can be used and how the finished memorial should look. Please give us a call and we can advise you on the regulations.


Many of the churchyards in Cumbria require memorials to be made of stone quarried in the UK. Customers should therefore be looking at green slate, blue/black slate, limestone, sandstone, Shap granite or Cornish granite. These beautiful, natural stones have many veins, markings and changes in colour. Please be aware of this when you order as we cannot guarantee exact colours or finish of the stone.

Blue black slate
Rustic green slate with cross
Rustic green slate with flower container
Rustic green slate
Limestone raised panel
Limestone with carving
Shap granite ogee top
Shap granite
Blue black slate ogee top
Blue black slate rounded top
Blue black slate with gothic top and cross and dove
Blue black slate with ogee top and Celtic knott
Green slate rounded
Green slate rustic no base
Green slate rustic with smooth panel
Green slate rustic
Green slate with camber top
Green slate with panel
Green slate with shoulders
Limestone gothic shape with cross
Limestone ogee top
Limestone rounded top
Limestone rounded
Limestone rustic raised panel
Lazonby Sandstone gothic shape
Lazonby sandstone
Sandstone camber top
Sandstone ogee shape
Sandstone rounded top
Sandstone with bird carving
Shap granite camber top
Shap granite ogee shape
Black granite book
Black granite Routh
Black granite with shoulders
Dark grey Eston
Dark grey granite ogee top
Dark grey granite
Grey granite
Lavender blue granite
Black granite with blue flowers
Black granite with etchings
Black granite with flower carving and 2 vases
Black granite with rose design
Black granite with tractor etching
Blue pearl granite with robin design
Butterfly blue granite with stained glass window
Butterfly blue granite
Dark grey granite in norman round shape
Dark grey granite rounded top and shaped base
Dark grey granite with tractor etching
Lavender blue ogee top
Lavender blue with half ogee top
Ruby red granite


Many cemeteries allow all kinds of memorials and different types of stones. However, there are restrictions on size and height of the memorial. Please do have a look at our online brochure and give us a call if you have any questions. If you see a memorial in a cemetery that you like and would like us to match, please do contact us.

Cremation Plaques

Many cemeteries and churchyards offer a cremation section where families can have a plaque, vase or details inscribed on a communal memorial plaque. We can offer all of these services and are able to give you advice on what is required.

Black granite wedge plaque
Dark grey granite plaque
Green slate plaque with flower container

Want something bespoke?

If you have a memorial in mind and can’t find it on our website please give us a call. We are able to match and make bespoke memorials to suit your requirements. We can also add carvings, etchings and photo plaques to make your memorial even more unique.


Do you need a sign for your house? Or a plaque for a special event? Please contact us with the inscription and sizes so we can put together a quote for you.

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Please visit our advice page for support on how to begin the process of arranging a memorial for a loved one.

Or do give us a call on 01539 735583.