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We are here to help guide you through the memorial process.

First of all you need to consider where the memorial is to be fixed, in a churchyard or cemetery, as this does affect what type of memorial you are allowed.

If it is a cemetery then the person who completes the paperwork needs to be the grave deed holder. If you need to change the grave deeds into a different name please contact the Council / Burial Authority and they will help you do this.

We often suggest customers visit the cemetery or churchyard to see what is already there and if there is a memorial there you like then we can source something similar.

Once you have an idea of the type of memorial then you can begin to think about choosing an inscription for the stone. We have some examples here.

Do you install the memorial?

Yes we fix the memorial in place for you, using NAMM and BRAMM approved ground anchor fixings.

Do I have to get permission from the vicar or cemetery?

No we do this on your behalf. We will ask you to complete a church form which we send off to the vicar for permission. If the memorial is for a cemetery we require the grave deed holder to complete the cemetery form and then return it to us.

I would like a special carving put on the stone. Can you do this?

Yes we are able to hand carve designs on the memorials or we can produce etchings to show images of loved ones, pets or religious scenes.

I have seen a memorial I like but I can’t find it on your website?

No problem, please give us a call or email us a photo of the stone you like and we can prepare an estimate to match that stone.

Can I have any type of memorial I want?

No unfortunately not, it depends on where the memorial is to be located and the regulations there. If the stone is to be fixed in a churchyard in the Carlisle Diocese it has be made from stone quarried in the UK.

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Please see the above advice page for support on how to begin the process of arranging a memorial for a loved one.

Or do give us a call on 01539 735583.